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Meet Judith!

Hi guys, it's Judith here! The founder and artisan behind Urban Wanderlust and the one who occasionally post awkward photos of herself on Instagram  for you (you're welcome).

I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself, so here it goes...

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and even lived in the sunshine state of Florida in my younger years. Now living in Queens, NY with my husband, Peter and our 4yr old frenchie named Brooklyn (you can't take the Brooklyn outta this girl). We LOVE to travel and have visited 11 countries so far, with so many more on our list to discover!  Our love for travel is what actually inspired Urban Wanderlust's first candle line, The Destination Collection.

By day I'm a full-time Sr. Executive Assistant for a fashion brand and by night a mad scientist dabbling in a little candle making here & there.

Believe it or not I started this brand completely by accident. My first plan was to create my own line of dog teepees (yup it's a thing). I’ve always been a crafty girl growing up, making my own things when I couldn't afford to buy them. But as I grew so did my crafts... from coffee tables to wall-mounted shelves, and reupholstering just about anything I can get my hands on. 

I've always had an obsession with candles, and anything else that smells good - probably got it from my mom (thanks mom). One day while playing around with a candle, I noticed the wax on the sides of the jar weren't burning right and I thought "what a waste!". I tried to "fix" it, but really just ended up playing with melted wax because hey, who hasn't - when it just came to me, why can't I make my own candles? From that point on I started months of researching, and endless amounts of testing and retesting.

That's why it's extremely satisfying to know that when you purchase from Urban Wanderlust you're making one person very happy, ME - not a huge corporation, just a girl from Queens pouring wax into jars hoping you love them as much as she does. 

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