Founded in 2017, Urban Wanderlust is an artisan candle company from Queens, NY. Inspired by memorable moments in travel, we hope to invoke your olfactory senses with adventure & wander.

Each candle is lovingly hand-poured and tested in small batches for quality & freshness. We use only the finest natural ingredients to create a clean burning experience that's safe for you and your household.


soy candles

Our products are 100% cruelty-free and scented with fragrance oils free from all phthalates & parabens. 

Our materials are eco-cotton wicks, and cardboard packaging. Our glassware is of the utmost quality, chosen for reusability and made in the USA. Our packaging is American made, using recycled materials where-ever possible.

Our soy candles are hand poured using soy wax, which is biodegradable and manufactured from American-grown soy beans. Our candles use full fragrance, that is non-toxic, containing no phthalates.

Our skincare line of perfume oils and lip balms use natural oils such as grapeseed, almond, jojoba oil and more.

We strive to remain a sustainable brand by reusing biodegradable packaging items for shipment, along with implementing our Recycling Jar Program.


founder Judith Rojas

Judith has always been crafty since childhood making her own, when they couldn't afford to buy. Continuing into her adult years she's built her own floating shelves, DIY coffee tables and reupholstered anything she could get her hands on, and now candle-making. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and now residing in Queens with her husband, Peter and their 5 year-old Frenchie, Brooklyn.

The word Wanderlust means "a strong desire to travel" and ever since she was little, her grandmother instilled this dream of “going out to see the world, before it’s too late” every chance she had. So it was only natural when her passion for travel grew.

With a few countries under her belt, the idea of making travel inspired candles came to her after a trip to Costa Rica. She wanted to share her memories with family & friends, but wanted to show more than just photos and stories. And that’s when the idea of candle making came into play and her first candle line was created, The Destination Collection.